Studio Etiquette



No late entries into any class. No early exits. Allow yourself the full experience of the class you take.


Please treat the teachers, team and fellow yogis the way you would like to treated. If you have any injuries or questions, please ask the teacher prior to class starting. Be stagger your mats and be mindful of placement, as to not block your neighbours from seeing themselves if the mirror.

Be Mindful

We are not responsible for any personal belongings and valuables. Please remember to take your belongings home. Lost and found is emptied weekly. Glass cups are not to be brought into the yoga room.

Be Conscious

We move close to one another. Please avoid using heavy scents and fragrance. Please be mindful of the odours you are bringing into the yoga room. Be respectful of the shared space and air we breathe together.


The yoga room is a talk-free zone! Please avoid talking on your phone in the studio. Also remember to turn off your phone or turn on silent before class to avoid distracting the class in session.

Be Sweaty

The best things in life make you sweaty! If you have a sweaty class, use the buckets located at the back of the room to transport your mat and towel into the shower; dump and rinse your bucket and wring out your towel.