Project Self


Look inside and find out who you are!

Project Self is turning from outward to inward, towards you. The goal is to use your own resources to start and clear the clutter built up in mind/body. Cleaning house! (Get out your Dysons and swiffers)! We will offer up many ways (as not one size fits all) to slow down, reel back, be still, get clear and wake up! Get out of your own way.  Reconnect and align with who you truly are. You have never left you and you have always been there and will, but we get so busy and in the thick of other projects outside of ourselves we ignore our inner calling. Ignorance is bliss. You are created and blessed with everything you need to be you. Once you can experience this, even if its just a taste, you will see it exists. And once you experience you, you will see it in everyone and everything. Most important you will be operating from a place of love. When the fear, pain, anxiety, depression, etc. goes away, what is left?  Awww…there it is! And it’s not coming from something you read or heard. It’s a knowing. Not something you see, but you feel. Who is on board to take the leap and dive in?

Every Saturday, starting April 6th through Saturday, May 4th • 6:30 - 8:30pm

Each student will receive a copy of Awake and Aligned by Nova Wightman.

Investment: $333 + tax

Course material

Project Self is an introductory approach to self exploration and healing using yoga techniques and technologies, art of all forms (think childlike mind), and Yoga Nidra(yogic sleep) to cultivate self awareness.

This will be a commitment of 30 days of steady practice, to set a sound foundation. A combination of a consistent home practice, as-well as a guided group practice. We will connect each week for 2 and a half hours for a group practice, building community and offering a safe place to learn, move, breathe, share and be still together. There will also be shifting themes each week (’s a surprise) that will provide space for freedom to self explore (play) and to nurture personal expansion and growth.


instructor // kellie

Kellie has taught yoga since 2005, while incorporating meditation to her everyday practice. Kellie teaches with compassion and soul, spiced up with humour, joy and one thick bad ass Minnesota accent! Sharing a wealth of knowledge, Kellies classes bring you to a place to get quiet, be still and listen within, so that ultimately you can hear our hearts longing and connect to ourselves and then others. Kellie hopes to share the wealth on a planet in need. Come play, explore, express and have fun!!