Private Sessions with Ocian



Take time for yourself this new year to work on softening your breath and body, while releasing what no longer serves you with a magical one-on-one session with Ocian. Private appointments will be held in the comfort and privacy of Yoga Union’s Moon Room. Allowing you to work with Ocian as she moves energy throughout your body with one of her many techniques and talents. Appointments are limited and on a first come basis.

To schedule a session(s), please contact Yoga Union at 604-948-YOGA

One-on-one Sessions + Pricing

60 min 1/2 Body Massage with Sound - $88 • Relaxation, rejuvenation, clearing the physical, mental, emotional body. 

90min Numa Somatics Breathwork & Sound Session - $111 • A therapeutic session helping to clear and revitalize the entire system. 

60/90min Intuitive SoundSeed Session - $77/$111 • Using Usui Reiki, sound, touch and voice to restore, revitalize and help you heal your body. 

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As the founder of Ocian Sound Medicine Music, Ocian is an established sound practitioner offering to audiences all across Canada and beyond. Since 2010, she has been weaving together deeply transformative and profound healing spaces. She hosts and co-creates circles, ceremony and journeys, helping to create resilient, self aware individuals and empowered communities through what is known as the ‘Art of the Muses’: Music & Sound. By combining this fundamental building block of life (sound) with Usui Reiki (masters level), Hot-stone Therapy, Massage & Touch Therapy and most recently The Alchemists Path: Celtic Shamanism, Wildwood Priestess training and Numa Somatics Breathwork, Ocian facilitates private and group Journeys for participants to safely explore the inner world and all it contains. These sessions can include Breathwork, touch therapy, instruments such as: Crystal Bowls, Crystal Lyre, Chimes, Rattles & Feathers, Steel & Medicine Drum, her latest the Sansula and Triple Drone Flute and most specially her etheric and powerful vocal harmonics. These sessions are deeply relaxing and rejuvenating, bringing people into deep states of cathartic release. Many participants have reports of incredible physical, mental, emotional and spiritual shifts after their sessions. 

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