Nia (Neuromuscular Integrative Activity)

Nia is a highly expressive, liberating and creative way to nurture body mind and soul. This unique blend of concious movement is free spirited and deeply rooted in the healing arts, the dance arts, martial arts and yoga.

Nia pulls inspiration from several art forms, using Modern Dance, Duncan Dance and Jazz Dance to creating an honest, spirited and expressive art form of its own.

Nia blends the discipline, precise movement and masculine energy of Taekwondo with the of slow fluid movements of T'ai Chi and the harmonious and spherical motion of Aikido.

Nia uses the conscious alignment of the bones and joints to deepen body awareness and incorporates sound and movement to awaken and open the chakras. Nia uses the Alexander technique of identifying and breaking habits as well as Feldenkrais to create conscious awareness of sensation. Nia honours the spirit of yoga, creating harmony and unity, it awakens inner power, raises your vibration and allows you to release, unleash and heal!