Mira discovered Bikram yoga in 2006 after competing in Ironman Canada. She suffered from shoulder issues, because of swimming and was battling carpal tunnel syndrome from typing eight hours a day at work. A friend told Mira about Bikram hot yoga. After practicing, she noticed how the practice helped reduce her pain. Other benefits soon followed, better sleep, digestions and general muscualr flexibility - ALL improved!

In 2012 Mira decided to kick it up a notch and signed up for Bikram Teacher training. She met and sweated with an incredible group of 400 trainees and numerous instructors and Yogis from around the world, young and old, big, small, all with a common love of yoga.

Mira has been teaching classes since 2013 and her community has grown. Mira feels blessed to be guiding so many interesting and diverse Yogis. Leave your EGO at the door, share our energy and we will guide you to improve your body, mind and life.