Sacred Sound Meditation


Come feast on the powerful healing sounds of Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls and the grounding energy of the didgeridoo and Gong. Synchronizing the most subtle vibrations we will dissolve the boundaries between mind and matter. With sound we can move deep into the body releasing restrictions and tension and dive into the mind bringing calm and ease. This class will include sacred sound, gentle yin yoga, meditation and simple breathing techniques. Nourish your soul, feed your body and feel your mind expand with infinite possibilities.

Investment: $40 + tax

Instructor, Mike nichols

Mike is passionately inspiring healthy bodies, happy lives and vibrant communities around the world. His

personal experience with yoga, meditation & sound has been a journey of infinite potential to develop the body,

mind and spirit as one. Beyond yoga, he has researched the world of microbes and genetics, served as an

energy healer, explored the depths of the Amazon, India and Myanmar. Namasté

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