Seeking balance in her life, Katrina found herself taking her first Yoga Class in 2010 where her real yoga journey began. Instantly feeling a strong connection to herself and to yoga practice, she became a regular practitioner. As her focus shifted and her self awareness grew, her life dramatically changed. Katrina finally began to feel a sense of peace, inner stillness and joy, discovering the balance she had been seeking, developing a strong connection to inner self. 

Passionate about yoga, she knew it would remain forever in her heart and life. Feeling drawn to go deeper, Katrina attended her first Teacher Training in 2012. She began teaching, and continued to study in California and Thailand. As she began to explore other styles of yoga practice and took her Yin Yoga certification. Feeling called to hold space for her community to heal through the power of yoga, Katrina opened her own yoga studio in 2015. She is the founder and current studio owner of Yoga Union in Tsawwassen, BC, Canada, where she continues to learn and grow on the journey of self realization.