Mindful Movement: Back to Basics

What is Back to basics?

Join instructor Kaylen Jolly, as you embark on a 5-week immersion course designed to teach you about postural alignment within the framework of the foundational Hatha Yoga Asana. This is an experiential workshop perfect for beginners to Yoga or anyone wanting to integrate a stronger understanding of the fundamentals of strength and conditioning practices.

All levels are welcomed! This workshop is designed for those who would like to:

  • Gain confidence in why and how to move your body safely when starting a yoga practice.

  • Deepen your understanding of “core strength” and learn simple conditioning practices to strengthen your posture and ease imbalances.

  • Feel empowered in your body and become more mindful of your movement on and off the mat.

When: Every Saturday starting November 2 - November 30, 2019 • 1:15 - 2:30PM

Investment: $40 single session OR $150 5-week workshop (SAVE $50)

Weekly Curriculum

WEEK 1 - BACK TO BASICS: Core Foundations

Breathing & your diaphragm: understanding the power of conscious breathing to generate and transform movement

Pelvic floor & your transverse core: feeling safe and stable as you move 

WEEK 2 - BACK TO BASICS: Lower Body Foundations

Standing & your postural alignment: neutralizing habitual postural imbalances

Lunges & your pelvis: propelling mobility in the hip joints for a stronger foundation

Balancing & your feet: exploring responsiveness in the body

WEEK 3 - BACK TO BASICS: Upper Body Foundations

Quadruped & your hands: generating power through the shoulders from the palms up

Planking & your body: staying strong, safe, and confident with your variation

Down dog & its tricks: breaking down this classic Yoga pose and all its parts

WEEK 4 - BACK TO BASICS: Spine Foundations

Abdominals & your moving spine : supporting a healthy spine in articulation

Bridging & your powerhouse : relating and engaging all of the “core” muscles to generate total body strength

Extension & your heart opening : growing your spine and “opening your heart”

WEEK 5 - BACK TO BASICS: Full Body Flow

You, your body, & the practice: a full mind-body flow


Instructor, Kaylen Jolly

I am certified as a 500 hour Yoga teacher, BASI pilates instructor, and a Psychosomatic Therapist and have a deep understanding of how and why we move our bodies. My yoga classes are accessible to every ‘level’ of being. My offering to students is to connect to their own personal intention and to honor the physical and emotional body that they arrive with. I hope to empower you to meet yourself anew each day; to really allow your ‘Be-ing’ to express authentically. My belief is that through every breath, every transition, every posture, you can choose to align towards what is purposeful in your life and allow your practice to be that of expressing your own personal desires with yourSelf--enriching your experience in your body and in your life.